Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Evil Root Now Worthless 05 16 2010

An Evil Root Now Worthless 05 16 2010

What if you were your own model of a little dictator and lied, stole, murdered and evilly chiseled to attain your money. Whatever it takes being your life principal. Then one day you were well relieved to learn you were not the only one who did this in their life. You had some company and life is good you say.

But wait, some of those like you, they blundered in their made off. That money you coveted and sought to attain by any means and that of which you have so much of is no completely worthless. You no longer have any of the aloof self respect it gave you and your ego has been deflated to zero. Your money can not buy you anything anymore.

What would you do? Financial responsibility the very thing can drain a country is not controlled by our government.

No one will respect you and your life is over. In spite of all your posturing in your life you find out you really have none of the real skills it takes to support yourself to be self sufficient.

You thought you were tough and that meant you also had grit, the grit necessary to survive.

As you start to get cold and hungry the reality of this sets in. When the time comes yourself worth will not be judged by how much money you have. But wait a minute there is a box of hidden made off coins you can use to survive, some ration of safety. But you did not realize the immensity of the black hole you created as group of Lobbies, when you clawed and killed for money.

Nobody you meet on your quest for food and warm shelter will accept these shiny coins from you, relics, in exchange for anything. You cannot believe this. It cannot be true.

The root you have idolized is the one that will kill you. You knew nothing of roots that would save others, yourself, the community and the world. You carry the relics with you but you don’t get far. And your whole tribe is laid to rest by the dense gravity of the root you have resorted to.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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