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They Know Not What They Do 05 15 2010

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They Know Not What They Do 05 15 2010

It seems that in the Bible, that the Pharisees spent so much time picking away at the teachings of Jesus Christ that they finally had to just nail him to the cross to because they were so sick of him. As he was dying on the cross this became the prime spot to mock him further. And they did. They gave him crown of thorns; they cut his stomach open at the liver when they needed to further weaken him. Remember these people did not die up there with him. And I bet that wasn’t all they did and said to him take vengeance against his morality. Makes you wonder where the descendents of them are today?

They often went to many an extreme to disprove something he said, almost to the point of sabotage. And they did sabotage, the world by killing him, because what came next in history were the Dark Ages where they would fillet you , if you did not denounce your own beliefs, which is a form of belief in self, and also if you did not denounce your belief in Jesus Christ.

What I am getting at with, “They Know Not What They Do." is how all their time spent criticizing led to their own demise. And in this blog I seek to write stories that articulate this principal with a story that has a moral of this understanding of “They Know Not What They Do”.

“Pray for them father they know not what they do.” He said while dying. They set a poor example for everyone, with accusations of weakness while never being able to put forth a solution of strength. Did they rely on Jesus for that strength? I can guarantee you that if they did they did not mean too, because, “They knew not what they do.” They probably acted much like the blank and ignorant faces of the three stooges as they attempt to try and work at yet another job, fumbling about mindlessly through life, the fun part being smacking the guy who did something you consider wrong on the head with a hammer.

Blessed Are Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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